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Cleaning Sink

Expert Cleaning Service You Can Trust

Our Services

People rely on our professional and quality cleaning services to get the job done quickly and effectively. They know that we deliver great results every time.

We also work with our clients’ budget, helping them find cleaning packages that fit their needs. No matter how much or how little cleaning you need, we can cater to your project size and offer you reasonable prices on professional and reliable cleaning services. You don’t have to handle this job on your own or worry how to get your home or your business looking clean again.

Home Decor

Home Cleaning

The decision to hire someone to help with cleaning in your home is one of the best decisions you can make. You can do more things that bring you more joy. Our clients often request for additional tasks such as folding laundry, changing linen and sheets and other household chores. We offer services that meet all your home cleaning needs. 

Vacumming the Mattress

Deep Cleaning

We provide deep cleaning to cover all the areas for your home and workplace using different cleaning methods to properly get it done. This may require more time and scrubbing but our staff will pay meticulous attention to detail and focus on the hard to reach places that a general cleaning does not involve. If you need extra attention in one area, please let us know during the booking process.

Moving House

Move In/Out Cleaning

We understand that it can be stressful and exhausting moving out of your space or transitioning into a new home. You will have peace of mind knowing we will take care of the cleaning and disinfect your home before you move in. We can also arrange a cleaning after you move out so that you can focus on other tasks and it's one less thing to worry about.

Image by MD Duran

Special Events Cleaning

Are you hosting a party/special event? We understand that being a host can be stressful, but we are here to take the stress away. Relax and enjoy as you rely on our team to do the cleaning that you don't have time for. Our team can come to your property or the place of event to provide professional, effective cleaning services.

Image by Filios Sazeides

Vacation Rental / Airbnb Cleaning

Guests love to stay in a clean place that looks and feels inviting and comfortable.  We can help make a great impression on your guests by keeping your rental properties clean, sanitized and refreshed so they can have an enjoyable experience. Owners rely on us to do the cleaning and make sure everything is ready for the next guest to arrive. Trust us to do the work!

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Cleaning

We offer open house and stage cleaning services. We understand that a clean and polished  home or rental property will attract many clients.  Real estate and staging consultants trust and rely on us to deliver high quality cleaning making the place look at its finest and attractive for your potential buyers. 


Post-construction/Renovation Cleaning

Are you preparing for a small or major renovation? Cleanliness during your renovation is an important part that can have a big effect on your home\business during and after the renovation. We will remove dust and construction debris to restore your home\office space. There is no mess we can't handle and we're always ready and equipped for any cleaning tasks.

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